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This is the homepage for Before the Fall (BTF).

Before the Fall is a text based game.

Before the Fall exists approximately twenty turns before the 7th Pass. Plague ravaged Hold, Hall, and Weyr for turns, leaving scores dead before simply fading away as mysteriously as it had begun. Holders have had to come together within their mane Holds, Crafthalls have lost long held secrets and information, and the once mighty Weyrs have had to consolidate down to one. Now, with only a fraction of the dragons that once protected the planet, Pern is left under the protection of Benden Weyr, who now tries desperately to repopulate enough to face the coming Pass just 20 turns away. As these events unfold, a new threat looms on the horizon in the form of a glow visible within the vicinity of the starstones, edging ever closer to the eye, drawing attention as well as an ancient enemy before its due time.

Sudden Threadfall surprised everyone, sending Dragonriders scrambling to fulfill their ancient duty. Alas, the inexperience was costly and the Benden Weyrleader died in sacrifice. The whole of Pern awaits the next mating flight, but fortunately Cianna's golden Asclepiuth is already showing signs of rising.

With the ancient threat still falling from the skies, the future of the planet is uncertain with the population both Hold and Weyr still depleted.


Before The Fall

This game was originally established in 1995 with permissions from Anne McCaffrey. It has since evolved and reformed under several incarnations till its current incarnation as Before the Fall MOO.

We are operating under the Creative Commons License with the stipulation by the author that no main canon characters will be used.

The World of Pern is copyrighted by Anne McCaffrey © l967. The Dragonriders of Pern ® is a registered trademark.

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